Review - Restraint by AJ Rose

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 31, 2018


Volume 4 of Power Exchange

Psychologist Ben and ex-police detective Gavin are back for another adventure. Things start innocently enough, as they always do. The two men are just married and off on their honeymoon at the Puget Sound island cabin that Ben spent many summers at when he was younger. But when Ben starts reading through his monther's old journals he uncovers evidence that the car crash that killed his parents may not have been an accident. Their quest for the truth puts the duo on the trail of a talented art thief, and right in the sights of a crime syndicate that they already know will stop at nothing to protect their dirty business. More

Review - Consent

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 29, 2014


Volume 3 of Power Exchange

You could be forgiven for thinking we had seen the end of the stories featuring detective Gavin DeGrassi. At the conclusion of the last book, Safeword, he was retired from the police force after yet another harrowing case that nearly cost him his life, his home, and his Dom Ben. But when Gavin's sister-in-law and former partner Myah is snatched from a supermarket parking lot, he can't just sit on the sidelines. Together with Ben and his brother Cole, they follow a trail to Chicago and Myah's old precinct, where they uncover a tangled web of missing rent boys and dirty cops. More

Review - Safeword

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Volume 2 of Power Exchange

In this sequel to Power Exchange, it's been nearly two years since Detective Gavin DeGrassi and his Dom Ben were attacked and almost killed by a serial killer. Gavin is back at work as a police detective, but he's far from over the post-traumatic stress of the attack. He can't stand being touched, even by his lover Ben, let alone tied up and dominated, and everywhere he looks there are reminders of the event. While Ben shows fewer outward signs of the ordeal, he still struggles with guilt over his inability to protect his sub Gavin, as well as how to give his lover the domination he craves while respecting the new limits his condition places on their relationship, all of which places an enormous strain on the lovers. More

Review - Power Exchange

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 23, 2012

Power Exchange

Volume 1 of Power Exchange

Gavin DeGrassi is a St Louis homicide detective. As “Power Exchange” opens, he and his partner Trent are called to the scene of a gruesome killing, where a Dom has been brutally murdered in his own play room with his own toys. The case awakens some feelings and desires that Gavin has long suppressed, as well as exposing him to some new ideas he has never considered. The detectives know nothing about the BDSM scene, so psychologist Ben Haverson is brought in to consult. Ben is not just a shrink who knows about the lifestyle, he's a Dom in his own right. As Gavin's personal and professional life are turned upside-down, another body appears. Can he and his new partner solve the case before it's too late? More

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