Review - Event Horizon by Mel Keegan

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 29, 2015

Event Horizon

Volume 6 of Hellgate

The Hellgate saga comes to a rousing if bittersweet conclusion in this sixth and final installment. If you've made it this far in the series, you'll almost certainly find this book hard to put down. More

Review - Flashpoint by Mel Keegan

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 24, 2015


Volume 5 of Hellgate

With open warfare between the Earth-centered home-worlds and the colonies inevitable after the events of Probe, the team focuses on making the time and place of the next battle one of their choosing. There isn't any time to waste on a protracted war with Earth, not with the Zunshu automatons destroying more and more human colonies on the edge of Hellgate. The rebels have delved the depths of data recovered from the ill-fated Orpheus and are completing construction of Lai'a, a ship built on the wreck of the Intrepid specifically to navigate the strange currents of time and gravity that make exist on the other side of Hellgate. More

Review - Probe by Mel Keegan

Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 24, 2015


Volume 4 of Hellgate

The festering colonial rebellion finally explodes into open warfare in the fourth book of the Hellgate saga. The flashpoint of Ulrand, where the inept interference of military engineers from Earth caused an alien artifact to explode, devastating almost half the planet. Festering resentment is pushed into high gear, and when the inevitable vote to succeed comes, Earth sends a fleet of ships to prevent the predictable succession of other worlds from the confederacy. An unlikely group of mercenaries comes to the planet's defense, as well as a ghost from Neil Travers' past. It's all orchestrated by Harrison Shapiro in his efforts to prevent a bloodbath. More

Review - Cry Liberty (Hellgate #3)

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 17, 2014

Cry Liberty

Volume 3 of Hellgate

Neil Travers and Curtis Marin are back in this third installment of the Hellgate saga. The action picks up soon after the end of the last story, Deep Sky. Neil and Curtis are enjoying a little well-earned R&R, but it doesn't last long. Mark Sherrat's son Leon is in trouble. The Resalq has been working undercover on the rebel world Omaru, where the Colonial Fleet blockade is running up against stiff resistance. Neil and Curtis are tapped to lead the mission to get Leon, and the device he has ‘acquired’, out and through the blockade. More

Review - Deep Sky

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 26, 2014

Deep Sky

Volume 2 of Hellgate

This second book in the “Hellgate” series picks up right where the first book, The Rabelais Alliance, left off. Neil Travers and Curtis Marin are again center stage as they try to head off smugglers supplying arms to the colonies rebelling against Earth's domination, while at the same time trying to find a peaceful solution to get those worlds out from under the central government's thumb. As if that's not enough, there's still the threat from an unknown race that randomly strikes out from the other side of Hellgate, wiping out whole worlds. More

Review - The Rabelais Alliance

Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 19, 2012

The Rabelais Alliance

Volume 1 of Hellgate

Curtis Marin is a hit man, although he would object strongly to that term. He would probably prefer something more along the lines of 'avenging angel'. In the almost lawless fringes of the human colonies among the stars, where money and power lets you get away with murder (in other words, not much changes in 700 years), Marin works for a secret organization that, for a price, allows bereaved families to get justice. Marin does a lot of research, including hacking into computer systems, to ensure that the selected victim is guilty of their crime before he carries out a commission. He's judge, jury and executioner.

We first meet Marin while he's on assignment, taking out a particularly nasty gun-runner who murdered a dozen people just because they discovered what he was doing, or might have seen something they shouldn't have. By the time Marin pulls the trigger, the reader is convinced the man is getting exactly what's coming to him. More

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