Something's. . . Different

Posted in News on Jul 03, 2016

Why, yes, thank you for noticing. The site does have a new look and feel. It's been well over the last update, so it was time for a refresh. But the changes are more than cosmetic. I've unleashed my geek and completely replaced the 'engine' that runs the site. Out went WordPress and in came a new framework called October. More

The Non-Con Conundrum

Posted in News on Jul 22, 2014

My recent read and review of Slave in Training got me thinking about a number of things - and that's one of the big reasons I liked it. One of the aspects I liked about the book was the consensual nature of the protagonist's enslavement. He chooses life as a slave and is given several opportunities throughout the story to give up the path he has chosen. What struck me most about this was just how rare this is in most M/M Master/slave books coming out these days. It seems like far too many of these stories are really about rape and torture rather than anything else. More

Words Apart is Published!

Posted in News on Dec 05, 2013

World's Apart

My latest book, Worlds Apart, is finally published, or in the process of being published through all the major online book stores. It's already available for Kindle readers and apps from Amazon, in Mobi (Kindle) and ePub formats from All Romance Ebooks, and in all formats from Smashwords. It will take around another two weeks or so to get into some of the specialty stores like iTunes and B&N.

For those that haven't seen it, here is the book blurb:

Up-and-coming corporate financial analyst Jim Li couldn't be more different than the shy genius Jon Franklin. The two men's personalities are ‘worlds apart‘ but when they meet there's definitely and attraction. Although Jim tries to take things slow, he soon finds himself in a relationship with the geeky other man. However, Jon's mind is never at rest, and when a new idea for a scientific breakthrough takes hold of his imagination, Jim's love is not enough to pull Jon back from his new obsession. The couple become estranged, and then Jon disappears in an explosion. More

David & Gun Series Bundle Now Available

Posted in News on Feb 02, 2013

I'm quite pleased to announce that all three books of the David & Gun series are now available as a bundle, at a discounted price, of course. The bundle is only available for direct sale from Ganxy, where you can pay by all major credit cards or Paypal. Both Mobi (Kindle) and ePub versions are available. See the box below for links.

David and Gun Series Christmas Giveaway

Posted in News on Dec 07, 2012

It's approaching the season of giving, so I've decided to give everyone the perfect gift: my books. Okay, so I'm cheap and self-serving doing this, but you know you want to read them. It's better than dealing with hoards of shoppers or your in-laws, I guarantee.

What's on offer is the entire David & Gun Series, and where you can get it is at All More

New Version of The Naga's Treasure, and I'm on ARE

Posted in News on Nov 16, 2012

I've got a couple of new, well, new-ish, things to tell you about:

First, the really new thing, because I just finished it, is a new edition of one of my earliest books, The Naga's Treasure. I've been a little surprised at how well this book continues to do. This was one of those books (and there have been more since) that just took root in my head and emerged in long sessions at the keyboard over the course of a few weeks. It seemed like it was pure (albeit fun) smut, but several people have seen more than that in it, and now that I've revisited the text, I can see that more clearly. The book touches on some themes that I went on to explore a bit more fully in the David & Gun series.

I've just been through a whole new edit of the manuscript, finding a few missing or wrong words, and correcting some glaring (to me, now) errors in punctuation. I comfort myself that I was consistent, even if it was consistently wrong. I've also managed to come up with a new cover. I was never happy with the old one, and while the new one still isn't quite there, it is at least an improvement. More

Just Published - Letting Go

Posted in News on Oct 31, 2012

I've just published the latest - and last for now - book about David & Gun: Letting Go.

In this latest book about the two lovers, we follow the couple and the two young men they brought into their lives in Five At Table, Tom and Chang. More

Journeys Omnibus Edition Released

Posted in News on Aug 30, 2012

Journeys Omnibus

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new 'omnibus' edition of the Journeys series.

The new book combines all three of the Journeys books - Journey to Angkor, Journey to Rai-Lay and Journey's End - into a single ebook file. If you More

Postcard From America

Posted in News on May 26, 2012

Okay, this isn't really from America. I've already returned home to Bangkok from one of my infrequent trips there to visit my family. There was something a little different about this trip, a feeling of melancholy in some ways. Of course, a big part of that is the increasingly undeniable fact of my mother's mortality. At 88 years old, she has survived adult-onset diabetes, breast cancer, and four marriages, but it's become clear that she's on borrowed time. I couldn't help thinking that my next trip to the States could well be for her funeral.


Work In Progress - April/May 2012

Posted in News, Work In Progress on Apr 29, 2012

You've probably seen the spate of recent releases in the last month or so, with both Journey's End and Five At Table now available in all formats. Having two books ready to go at once was something of an accident, the result of setting work on Journey's End aside, because I wasn't quite happy with the way one bit was going. I went back to it after I packed Five At Table off to my beta readers, and managed to get past the sticky bits much better.

So, what am I working on now? I'm currently about halfway through another book revolving around David and Gun, and the little family they created in Five At Table. The working title for this volume is "Letting Go". I'm only introducing one more new character to the group, but I plan for all of them to grow and change. One or two might be moving on, for a while at least.


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