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Review - Acquainted with the Night by Tymber Dalton

Posted in Book Reviews on Jan 10, 2017

Acquainted with the Night

A few centuries in the future, humans are at war with an alien race called the Algonquans. The government passes strict laws about who can marry and who can breed, and of course conscripts poor young men to fight their war. Dale is one such young man. One moment, he's a lowly technician on the flight deck of a Terran spaceship, and the next thing he knows he is in the hold of an Algonquan ship where has been taken prisoner. More

Review - Power Bottom? by Rowan McAllister

Posted in Book Reviews on Jan 03, 2017

Power Bottom?

Adrian may be the very definition of “mild mannered” — he works as an accountant for a construction company, lives within his means, and the biggest risk he takes is letting his boyfriend Martin help him with his wardrobe. But then a chance comment from a complete stranger in a bar and a bad breakup with Martin sends Adrian on a journey he isn't at all prepared for. Fasten your seat belts, baby, it's going to be a bumpy ride. More

Review - Wrapped Together by Annabeth Albert

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 27, 2016

Wrapped Together

Volume 5 of Portland Heat

Hollis and Sawyer have known each other since high school, and it would be hard to imagine two more different people. Hollis is a typical introvert: quiet and serious, he carefully considers each decision, avoids frivolity as well as crowds, and constantly over-thinks everything, especially when it comes to Sawyer. By comparison, Sawyer is outgoing and cheerful, quick to develop new passions, whether it's a hobby or a new boyfriend, but, at least in Hollis' eyes, just as quick to lose interest. Hollis has always had a bit of a crush on Sawyer, but he's kept it well under control, since he know he would be crushed when Sawyer eventually moved on if they ever got together. More

Review - Phase Shift by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 20, 2016

Phase Shift

Volume 5 of Chaos Station

The Chaos Station series comes to a rousing conclusion in this fifth and final volume of the series. The story starts out innocently enough, with Zed attempting to propose to Felix. But the romantic moment is interrupted by someone attempting to steal the crew's data about the secret project that turned Zed into a super-soldier. The hunt for the thieves brings Zander and Felix up against an old nemesis, and in conflict with the Guardians themselves. More

Review - Luchador by Erin Finnegan

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 13, 2016


After his parents are killed in a gang shooting in Phoenix, 10 year-old Gabriel is raised by his aunt and uncle in Mexico City. He matures into a smart and athletic young man, but one thing from his childhood remains constant: his love of Lucha Libre, the popular form of wrestling that combines athletics, performance art and folklore. When attending an event with his would-be boyfriend, Gabriel witnesses a match featuring a wrestler known as La Rosa and is instantly enthralled. La Rosa is an exótico, a persona that is strongly gay, yet he commands the ring with his prowess as well as his charisma. Gabriel convinces the wrestler, whose real name is Miguel, to train him at his gym, setting Gabriel on the path to becoming a luchador. More

Review - Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 09, 2016

With this post, I'm taking a little break from talking about what I'm reading to talk about what I'm reading on. If you want to skip the background, just down a few paragraphs. I've been reading books in electronic form — mostly Kindle — for about 10 years now. I was still living in Bangkok at the time, and while the city did boast a big English language book store by that time; one that surprisingly even had a small ‘alt‘ section, the selection of gay fiction was quite limited. To get what I wanted to read required ordering books from overseas, with the resulting postage fees almost doubling the price of printed books. More

Review - The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk, Volume III by Dan Skinner

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 06, 2016

The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk, Volume III: That Darn Muse

Volume 3 of The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk

Dan ‘Doc’ Skinner is back with another — possibly final — collection of short stories about his curious relationship with his apprentice-cum-muse Dirk. As with previous volumes in the series, there are a couple of longer stories highlighting some aspect of Dirk the author has to understand, interspersed with a few snippets of conversations and other “Dirk-isms”. More

Review - Playing With Fire by Dirk Greyson

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 29, 2016

Playing With Fire

Someone is killing people in the affluent suburb where Jim Crawford is the lead detective. At a loss for clues in the seemingly random shootings, Jim enlists the aid of psychologist Dr Barty Halloran to try and get inside the head of the killer. Barty does more than get inside the killer's head and uncover clues to who he might be, he gets under Jim's skin as well. The nerdy professor is just Jim's type, although he is still smarting from his last relationship with a college teacher. More

Review - Counterbalance by Aidan Wayne

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 23, 2016


John leads a settled life as the head rigger for an acrobatic troupe based in Canada. Disfigured in a hate crime when he was a teenager, he is used to being avoided and left to get on with his work of figuring out how to stage the troupe's daring performances safely. But things change when a new group of acrobats from China arrives for the up-coming season. One of them, Bao, seems fascinated rather than repulsed by John's looks, and seeks him out at every opportunity. John isn't quite sure what to make of Bao's friendliness. Surely the lithe young performer can't be interested in a troll like John. More

Review - Override by SJD Peterson

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 15, 2016


Volume 1 of The Underground Club

Tall and muscular Donavan isn't your typical submissive, and for that matter the older and shorter Seth doesn't exactly fit the stereotype of a Dom, but the two men sense a connection almost from the beginning, and despite different backgrounds and conflicting work schedules they try to figure out where that connection will take them. More

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