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Review - Counterbalance by Aidan Wayne

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 23, 2016


John leads a settled life as the head rigger for an acrobatic troupe based in Canada. Disfigured in a hate crime when he was a teenager, he is used to being avoided and left to get on with his work of figuring out how to stage the troupe's daring performances safely. But things change when a new group of acrobats from China arrives for the up-coming season. One of them, Bao, seems fascinated rather than repulsed by John's looks, and seeks him out at every opportunity. John isn't quite sure what to make of Bao's friendliness. Surely the lithe young performer can't be interested in a troll like John. More

Review - Override by SJD Peterson

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 15, 2016


Volume 1 of The Underground Club

Tall and muscular Donavan isn't your typical submissive, and for that matter the older and shorter Seth doesn't exactly fit the stereotype of a Dom, but the two men sense a connection almost from the beginning, and despite different backgrounds and conflicting work schedules they try to figure out where that connection will take them. More

Review - Inversion Point by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 08, 2016

Inversion Point

Volume 4 of Chaos Station

Zander, Felix and the crew of the Chaos are back for another adventure in the fourth installment of the “Chaos Station” series. At the very end of the previous book, humanity had just found out about the immanent arrival of a new species at the galactic hub, and “Inversion Point” follows the crew as they meet and try to communicate with the new race, with Zander as Emissary of the Guardians. More

The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk, Volume II by Dan Skinner

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 01, 2016

The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk, Volume II: That Darn Muse

Volume 2 of The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk

The author, known only as ‘Doc’ in this series, is back with more tales of his life with his muse/apprentice Dirk. Like the first book, this second volume offers up a series of vignettes depicting Doc's growing relationship with the rather maddening, yet still fascinating Dirk. The main thrust of this set of stories seems to be demonstrating why, despite his many eccentricities, Doc continues to find his muse in Dirk. More

Review - Two Natures by Jendi Reiter

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 25, 2016

Two Natures

Julian is an aspiring young fashion photographer in the early 90's New York. While he may have an eye for beautiful women, Julian has very little interest in the opposite sex. He seems comfortable with his sexuality despite a religious upbringing in Georgia, although he hasn't done much about acting on his attractions as the book opens. More

Review - The Pill Bugs of Time by Angel Martinez

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 18, 2016

The Pill Bugs

Volume 2 of Offbeat Crimes

In this sequel to Lime Gelatin and Other Monsters, the budding relationship between paranormal police detective Kyle and his partner Vakesh is facing a few stumbling blocks, mainly in the form of Vakesh's inability to be open about it. More

Review - A Book of Revelations by A.C. Burch

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 11, 2016

A Book of Revelations

This collection of short stories offers a variety of tales about different people, places and eras. About the only thing they have in common is that the lead characters in these stories are almost never who they appear to be. The story-telling style is decidedly narrative. This will niggle at those who object to a writing style that “tells” rather than “shows” but it suits the stories very well. More

Review - The Luckiest Master by Sean Michael

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 04, 2016

The Luckiest Master

Volume 2 of Iron Eagle Gym

Damien, ‘Day’ to his friends, is the new front office manager for the Iron Eagle Gym. It's more than one person can handle and he's desperate to find an assistant who can help him out. He wouldn't mind finding a full time sub while he's at it, but he doesn't expect to find them both in the same man. More

Review - That Darn Muse by Dan Skinner

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 27, 2016

That Darn Muse

Volume 1 of The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk

This small collection of short stories introduces us to Dirk, a young man who wishes to apprentice himself to the narrator of the stories (presumably ‘Doc’, although he never introduces himself). Doc is a professional photographer with a varied portfolio, which includes some erotic male work. More

Review - What It Looks Like by Matthew J. Metzger

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 20, 2016

What It Looks Like

Eli is the son of a policeman and a forensic scientist. His parents clearly care for him, perhaps a little too much, but don't really understand what the young man is going through. They certainly don't understand Eli's choice in boyfriends. Rob is almost the exact opposite of Eli. Abused as a child, Rob is very much from the wrong side of the tracks. He has had several run-ins with the law, and even spent a few years in prison. But what Rob does to Eli, as well as what Eli does for Rob, are things almost nobody would understand. More

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