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Review - I, Omega

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 13, 2011

I, Omega

I must say, shifter stories never really interested me, but then people convinced me to read Kim Dare's Duck!, which really shook me up. I'm still not that interested in shifter stories, but it certainly didn't put me off this book, which is the second of Kari Gregg's I've read. I'd More

Review - Kei's Gift

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 03, 2011

Kei's Gift

The best word I can think of to describe Kei's Gift is "epic" - in the very classical sense of the word. This is a broad tale of the clash of two cultures, set in an alternate world not far removed from Earth's ancient antiquity. The 'clash' is actually More

Review - Jasmine Nights

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 17, 2011

Jasmine Nights

This is one of my favorite books, and the one I'm most likely to recommend to people who ask for something to read about Thailand or Bangkok. Although set in the early 1960s, it still manages to accurately capture the crazy contradiction that is modern Thailand. For those that haven't spent much time More

Review: Fun With Dick And Shane

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 31, 2011

Fun With Dick and Shane: The Memoirs Of A Submissive Houseboy

Volume 0 of Memoirs Of A Houseboy

This is the biggest surprise I've had for quite some time. I was expecting a bit of light fluff, and while there's lots of humor in the author's breezy first-person account of the 'adventures' of More

Review - Hell's Pawn

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 23, 2011

Hell's Pawn

This book was a really pleasant surprise. It was a really nice change from what I have been reading lately, and reminded me how much I like a good sci-fi/alternate universe story. It was my first reading love, before puberty got me interested in sex and smut.

Bell has crafted a very believable vision of the afterlife, More

Review: A Dish Served Cold

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 10, 2011

A Dish Served Cold

This wasn't exactly the story I was expecting, so my reaction and review of it may be colored by that. The mention of slavery in the description, as well as the BDSM genre classifications, had me expecting a m/s story, and this is NOT that. In fact, I would argue that there's not More

Review: The Hadrian Enigma - A Forbidden History

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 25, 2011

THE HADRIAN ENIGMA - A Forbidden History

Hadrian and Antinous is one of the great true love stories of gay history, so anything to do with it is sure to get my attention. This is a difficult book to rate, because it seems to try to cross genres and doesn't do it very successfully. More

Review: Transgressions

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 23, 2011


I've always enjoyed Erastes work, especially Mere Mortals, which was the last of her works I read. Unfortunately, Transgressions failed to capture my imagination. There's nothing I can put my finger on as to why the book didn't do it for me, and it's probably not any one thing. This is a much longer work than most of Erastes' books, More

Review: Duck!

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 10, 2011


I probably wouldn't have picked this book up on my own, but it was so highly recommended by several people I follow on Twitter that I decided to give it a try, and I'm very happy I did. It's a lovely story, told in full. So many books I've read lately have been under-developed, but "Duck!" is very well More

Review: Test of Faith

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 07, 2011

Test of Faith

I'm surprised there aren't more m/m books set in the crusades. It would seem to be fertile ground. "Test of Faith" was quite a refreshing change from the Regency/Victorian setting of most historical romances these days. It doesn't have a happily ever after ending, which is disappointing but true to the characters. There More

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