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Review - Penetration Fascination

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 17, 2013

Penetration Fascination

Snow is a hardened denizen of the town of Westgate, a place that makes the old “wild west” look tame. He is a thief, con man, and when necessary a murderer, but that just makes him an average citizen in this town. While Show usually just looks after himself, young newcomer Erin catches his eye, and when the boy is about to be robbed and raped, he steps in to save the day.

Snow takes Erin back to his hovel and tries to explain the facts of life in Westgate to the young man anxious to be a bandit, but Erin is even more naive than he appears. Yet, Snow invites the boy to stick around, and Erin stays, while resisting the older man's advances, at least for a while. More

Review - Boy Meets Boy

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 13, 2013

Boy Meets Boy

Paul has it pretty easy. The high school sophomore discovered and accepted his homosexuality at an early age, his parents love him the way he is, and he apparently attends one of the most liberal high schools in America. The football team's star quarterback is a drag queen, who is also elected homecoming queen. Paul has a close circle of friends, which includes his gal-pal Joni and Tony, who in sharp contrast has fundamentalist parents that are trying to pray his gay away.

However, while Paul may be free from many of the more unpleasant issues often faced by gay teens, his life is far from uncomplicated. As “Boy Meets Boy” opens, Paul has a chance encounter with Noah, a new kid at school who takes his breath away. Paul has had boyfriends before, but nobody he felt as strongly about as he does for Noah. And, apparently the feelings are mutual, but things don't go smoothly for our hero, as his life gets even more complicated and he has to struggle to win Noah's heart. More

Review - Connection: Angel's Pet

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 09, 2013

Connection: Angel's Pet

Camulus is an immortal being. Humans who have glimpsed his true form call beings like him angels, although given Camulus' dark wings, perhaps he is a fallen angel. He has traveled from world to world, played the part of king and god, but now finds that a little boring. What he needs is a new pet, a devotee who will dedicate himself to serving the ‘angel’ in every way.

Adam is a young man who knows his desires are on the wrong side of the dystopian society he lives in. In Adam's world, it's okay to be gay, but being a submissive who likes receiving pain from his master is seen as sick. He risks being arrested and sent to a rehabilitation clinic to go in search of a dom that can give him what he needs, and that's when he encounters Camulus. Is the strange man exactly what he needs? More

Review - An Uncommon Whore

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 05, 2013

An Uncommon Whore

Pasha is indeed an uncommon whore. He's uncommonly beautiful, and for now at least he has an uncommonly nice pimp who owns him and really only sells his services when he is need of money for gambling, which is actually quite often. But Pasha knows he wasn't always a whore. For one thing, he knows ‘Pasha’ isn't really his name, it's just the word for slave in the language of his master. The memory of what his name was, who he was before he was a slave, has been wiped from his mind through a chip implanted in his brain. More

Review - Gilliflowers, Bonds of Affection, Memoirs of a Houseboy 2008

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 01, 2013

Gilliflowers, Bonds of Affection, Memoirs of a Houseboy 2008

Volume 0 of Memoirs of a Houseboy

Spoiler alerts: If you haven't read the earlier books in the series, then this review might give away some of what you'll best discover for yourself. Also, there are strong hints at what happens in this book.

It's time for another year with my favorite sometimes-but-often-not submissive houseboy. This volume covers the year of 2008 and returns to the style of the first two books, with lots of little 'diary' entries alongside longer, detailed stories of particular episodes in the topsy-turvy world of Gillibran Brown, houseboy and young pup to two masters, Dick and Shane. It isn't easy, being Gilli. The young man's struggle with epilepsy is once again front-and-center in this book, and it really does become a literal struggle as his two daddies try and force their young lover to come to terms with the limits the condition puts on how he lives his life. More

Review - Prisoner 374215

Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 27, 2013

Prisoner 374215

The man known only as 374215 is a prisoner of war, far in the future when mankind is spread out among the galaxy, much of which is under the control of a ruthless corporation. The man has been stripped of his name and much of his humanity, and is now used for medical experiments, when not being brutalized by the guards.

The only tiny glimmer of respite in the man's life is at night, when he is watched over by a guard he thinks of only as 'Scar'. Scar doesn't talk, and the prisoner isn't allowed to talk to him. The guard just sits by the door and watches the broken man, which is somehow comforting. More

Review - Werecat: The Rearing

Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 23, 2013

Werecat: The Rearing

College senior Jackson, 'Jacks' to his friends, decides to go along with his roommates' plan to spend spring break in Montréal. On their first night in town, Jacks has a little too much to drink at a party and wanders off on his own in the direction of the city's Mont Royal park. After falling down a ravine he passes out, only to awaken the next morning in an abandoned shack in the park, in the company of the mysterious Benoit.

Benoit is dark and powerful, and it's fair to say there's a great deal of animal attraction between the two men. Jacks abandons his friends and spends all of his time in Benoit's hostel, making love. When the week comes to an end, Jacks wants Benoit to come with him, but the man stubbornly refuses, even though he seems to live a vagrant lifestyle. Jacks doesn't want to lose his new lover, but he isn't ready to give up his old life, especially since he's just a few weeks away from finishing his degree. More

Review - Moment of truth

Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 16, 2013

Moment of truth

Although billed as a collection of short stories, I think this book is much better described as poetry, and I've tagged it as such. Although they're not in iambic pentameter or any other such fixed structure, there is a poetic cadence to most of the stories, many of which are just a few paragraphs, and none of which are longer than a couple of pages. The stories all have common themes of loss and death, but they're not as depressing as they might sound. The mood is more somber and melancholy. More

Review - Lakeside Reunion

Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 12, 2013

Lakeside Reunion

Spoiler alert: This is one of those short-stories that's difficult to review without giving away most of the plot details. But then, this isn't a book you're going to read for its plot.

Chris has arranged a little reunion with his old college roommates Sean and Tim at an isolated vacation home. Chris had tried to deny his feelings while in school, but since graduating he has come to terms with his sexuality, and his strong attraction to Sean. He has learned that Sean is now out, so he's hoping he can finally have a chance to connect with his former roommate. But when Sean and Tim arrive, Chris gets the shocking news that they are a couple. More

Review - Dark Waters

Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 08, 2013

Dark Waters

Flein has an itch to travel, and he's seen more of the world than just about any man alive. Then again, Flein is only half human. He is the offspring of one of the Norse gods who mated with a human, and staying on the move helps keep people from realizing that he doesn't age and is in fact a thousand years old or more.

His wanderings take him to a small village in the Scottish Highlands, where a series of rapes and murders have been blamed on a mysterious creature that inhabits the loch. Flein meets the creature, a waterhorse that can shift to human form. Both the man and horse forms are beautiful, and deadly. The waterhorse considers the loch and glen its domain, and hunts what it chooses. But Flein doesn't think the creature is responsible for the recent deaths. More

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