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Review - Get Him to the Geek

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 07, 2013

Get Him to the Geek

This review was written for, and originally appeared on, BDSM Book Reviews.

It's been more than two years since John's lover passed away, after only a short time together, but he still can't bring himself to get back out there an meet new people. So his best friend Sylvia takes things in hand and sets John up on a date with Bernie, who she assures him is perfect for John. Despite his misgivings, John agrees.

Arriving at the restaurant, John finds Bernie to be a shy, awkward man, who tries not to come off as nerdy as Sylvia says he is. John is nonetheless taken with the geek and effectively invites himself back to Bernie's place, and that's when the real fun begins. More

Review - Comfort and Joy

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 03, 2013

Comfort & Joy

Ford is a doctor just finishing his residency at hospitals in the Atlanta area. Long accustomed to being the object of desire for both men and women, he has only recently acknowledged that his own attraction is to men, yet he still has not come to terms with being gay, let alone tell his very traditionally-minded parents. Despite the wealth and prestige Ford has, he still feels an emptiness to his life, until he meets Dan.

Dan works in the administration of one of the hospitals where Ford is serving his residency. Dan is most definitely out, and is attracted to Ford, just like so many others. However, he doesn't believe that Ford will really be interested in him once he knows about Dan's health issues. As the relationship develops, it's not Dan's hemophilia and resulting HIV infection that proves the barrier, it's each man's own issues with their pasts that makes things difficult. More

Review - King Mai

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 30, 2013

King Mai

This review was written for, and originally appeared on, BDSM Book Reviews.

Mai Kearns has a lot on his mind. The Thai-born adopted son of Dekalb, Illinois farmers is a bit of a misfit, being Asian and gay in America's white heartland. Nonetheless he loves his parents and his farm, which he seems about to lose. So, it's hardly surprising that he feels he needs to break his ‘date’ with the mysterious Vin Vanbly.

The year is 1996, in the very early days of the public Internet. There are no smartphones with hook-up apps like Grindr yet. There's mostly just AOL or Compuserve, with their chat rooms and pre-blog, pre-social media personal web sites. It is on AOL that Vin has spun his stories of the “Lost Kings”. In the lore of the Lost Kings, every man is a king, he's just forgotten, or lost, that special quality that makes him a king. It's Vin's rather curious mission in life to help Lost Kings reclaim their kingdoms, through what he calls “Kinging Weekends”. More

Review - Clown'd

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 26, 2013


This review was written for, and originally appeared on, BDSM Book Reviews.

Kyle has had fantasies of being gang-banged, which is something his boyfriend Dan is well aware of. But those fantasies are the furtherest thing from his mind when the young man is on his way home from work on Halloween night. Walking through a park, Kyle is confronted by three clowns - literally - red noses, green hair, everything. They block every attempt to escape and eventually catch him, taping his wrists and ankles together. Kyle's fantasies are about to be fulfilled, and he's going to love every minute of it. More

Review - Shirts and Skins

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 22, 2013

Shirts and Skins

Alert: This is one of those books that is hard to summarize for review without spoiling the plot to some degree. I've tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum.

In this episodic tale of one man's troubled journey through life, we first meet Josh as a young boy. He seems to a relatively happy child, despite a somewhat unsettled home life, with two half-brothers and a father that has trouble holding down a job. From these early glimpses, it's clear that Josh has gay tendencies, and in his early teen years, it's also obvious to some of the other boys in school. In his early teens, or perhaps tweens, Josh is the victim of a rather brutal attack - a true bashing - by two other boys. His response is to ‘man up’ and try to deny his feelings. He drops weight and feigns an interest in girls, to the extent that he becomes something of a teenage douchebag. More

Review - The Hardest Thing

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 03, 2013

The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery

This review was written for BDSM Book Reviews and originally appeared there.

Dan Stagg was a career marine in the era of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. When a sniper in Helmond kills his lover, the major loses it. His superior officers ask, and Dan tells, and that's the end of his military career. As a civilian with a less than honorable discharge, the only work he can find is as a doorman at a club in the East Village of New York. Unfortunately, even that job comes to an end when he uses a little more force than deemed necessary on a surly patron trying to force his way into the club. More

Review - Breaking History

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 30, 2013

Breaking History

Did you ever have a crush on one of your high-school teachers? If so, then you know what life is like for Thomas. The out 18 year-old has it bad for his history teacher Mr Worthington, but he assumes the recently divorced 29 year-old hunk is out of reach. That is, until he finds out that the seemingly straight teacher is interested in exploring his newly discovered bisexual nature as well as his desire to dominate.

With this new information, Thomas decides he has to make a move, and to his surprise his teacher doesn't reject his advances. In fact, it seems that Mr Worthington has had his own fantasies about his student. Despite the risks, they both throw caution to the wind to explore a taboo relationship. More

Review - Hidden Faults

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 21, 2013

Hidden Faults

‘Jodi’ is a doctor trying to find a “cure” for one of his society's greatest problems: paranormal abilities. ‘Paras’ are considered a threat, and once discovered they are marked with tattoos as well as forced to take a drug that inhibits their abilities. The problem is, the drug makes them almost useless for anything else, so they have become outcasts from the world in more ways than one.

The government of Jodi's country has used the “paranormal threat” to justify all sorts of restrictions, which the largely conservative society goes along with. Jodi must walk a very fine line, watching everything he says or does, especially since he is a homosexual, something that, while not illegal, is still heavily frowned on and could indirectly get him dismissed from his government job and made virtually unemployable. More

Review - Penetration Fascination

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 17, 2013

Penetration Fascination

Snow is a hardened denizen of the town of Westgate, a place that makes the old “wild west” look tame. He is a thief, con man, and when necessary a murderer, but that just makes him an average citizen in this town. While Show usually just looks after himself, young newcomer Erin catches his eye, and when the boy is about to be robbed and raped, he steps in to save the day.

Snow takes Erin back to his hovel and tries to explain the facts of life in Westgate to the young man anxious to be a bandit, but Erin is even more naive than he appears. Yet, Snow invites the boy to stick around, and Erin stays, while resisting the older man's advances, at least for a while. More

Review - Boy Meets Boy

Posted in Book Reviews on Jul 13, 2013

Boy Meets Boy

Paul has it pretty easy. The high school sophomore discovered and accepted his homosexuality at an early age, his parents love him the way he is, and he apparently attends one of the most liberal high schools in America. The football team's star quarterback is a drag queen, who is also elected homecoming queen. Paul has a close circle of friends, which includes his gal-pal Joni and Tony, who in sharp contrast has fundamentalist parents that are trying to pray his gay away.

However, while Paul may be free from many of the more unpleasant issues often faced by gay teens, his life is far from uncomplicated. As “Boy Meets Boy” opens, Paul has a chance encounter with Noah, a new kid at school who takes his breath away. Paul has had boyfriends before, but nobody he felt as strongly about as he does for Noah. And, apparently the feelings are mutual, but things don't go smoothly for our hero, as his life gets even more complicated and he has to struggle to win Noah's heart. More

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