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Review - Dancing Phaedra

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 26, 2013

Dancing Phaedra

Volume 2 of Gaius and Achilles

In the time of Julius Cesar, Antyllus is a young slave working in one of Rome's grotty whorehouses. Having been raised in the brothel, it's the only life he has ever known, and yet he knows that he is capable of being more than a sexual plaything. He has developed a passion for dance, and even though he has had no formal training, his natural ability is obvious to the rich Senator Gabinius, who encounters Antyllus at a dinner party where the slave boys have been brought to entertain the guests. More

Review - The Absolutist

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 21, 2013

The Absolutist

Disowned by his family at 16 for a small indiscretion with his boyhood friend, Tristan Sadler spends a year and a half on his own before lying about his age and enlisting in the army to defend England in World War I. At training camp, he quickly becomes friends with Will Bancroft. Tristan is attracted to Will, but he has learned his lesson and keeps his emotions in check. It isn't until the night before they are shipping out to France that they find comfort in each other's arms. However, once they arrive in France, Will avoids Tristan, for the most part.

Yet, as brothers in arms in the same regiment, there is no avoiding each other, or the horrific scenes they both come to witness. Such scenes, as well as events in training camp, cause Will to question his part in the war, and ultimately make a decision that changes everything. Tristan miraculously survives the war, at least in body. His spirit is broken by what he has seen, and especially by his part in Will's fate. As “The Absolutist” opens, it's two years after the war, and Tristan is on his way to Norwich to meet with Will's sister, in the hope that he might be able to unburden himself of some of the pain he feels over Will's death. More

Review - Something Like Summer

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 14, 2013

Something Like Summer

On hot summer evenings in Texas, high schooler Ben likes to take a walk through the park near his north Houston home. It's not a cool breeze Ben is after, but a glimpse of the boy he has a crush on. Ben doesn't even know the guy's name at first, but soon finds out it is Tim. The two go to the same high school, but their paths rarely cross once school starts. As one of the few openly gay students, Ben is something of an outcast, while the handsome Tim seems at home with the jocks. However, Ben's crush continues almost unabated and he soon clumsily brings himself to Tim's attention. Love, after a fashion, blooms but life for the two is never easy, especially with Tim reluctant to acknowledge his true feelings. The problems eventually become seemingly insurmountable and the two part ways before their senior year. More

Review - Gravitational Attraction

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 09, 2013

Gravitational Attraction

Isaac dreamed of being a starship pilot, part of an elite force in the galaxy. Unfortunately, the brain implant required to interface with advanced ships failed, leaving the young man subject to massive migraines and unable to even be trusted to fly less advanced ships. Discharged from the military, Isaac is lucky to find a job as communications officer on the small courier ship Hermes, which is where the story really begins. Responding to a distress call, the Hermes finds a disabled ship with everyone on board torn apart, except one man, a huge warrior called Turk.

Isaac finds himself strangely drawn to the mysterious giant, who has been severely traumatized by his ordeal. Turk is also drawn to Isaac, but he has commitments to fulfill as part of an agreement between his secretive people and the military powers. Despite Turk's efforts, Isaac is drawn into the intrigues which surround the warrior, and now both of their lives are in peril. More

Review - Strung Tight

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 05, 2013

Strung Tight

Jeff was in a band at one time, but he tired of life on the road, booze, drugs and groupies. Now he lives in a small Florida resort town, where he writes songs for his old band during the day and plays guitar in a local strip club at night. He enjoys the quiet life, but misses having someone to share it with. Then, one night in the club, he spots Pete in the audience.

Pete is an army brat who grew up in Europe. He speaks German fluently, so he is trying his hand as a tour guide for tourists, but it's a job he hates and plans to quit. He is just as attracted to Jeff, so the took hook up after Jeff's shift. After a night of hot sex, both men realize that they're interested in more than a one night stand, but can they carve out a life together in Resort City? More

Review - Fatal Shadows

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 01, 2013

Fatal Shadows

Bookshop owner and aspiring mystery writer Adrien English wakes up one morning to find the police on his doorstep. They'er there to tell him that his old high school friend and employee is dead, brutally murdered in fact. To make matters worse for the weak-hearted Adrien, it seems that he is the prime suspect, having argued with the man over dinner just before he was killed.

Even though he seems to be being stalked by the killer, Adrien fears that the police will make him a convenient scapegoat, so in true mystery novel fashion he sets about finding the murderer himself, which might even lead him to one of the detectives investigating the case. As he unravels the threads of his friend's life, and his own, Adrien is left wondering if the death can really be blamed on something that happened in high school? More

Review - Rogue

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 27, 2013


This review originally appeared on BDSM Book Reviews.

He calls himself Rogue because that's what he is, and he has known no other name. This vampire, young at only 100 years, was turned against his will, and the circumstances surrounding his transition were so traumatic that he's blocked out all memory of his human existence, even his name. Given the circumstances of how he came to be a vampire, it's somewhat understandable that he lives outside their society and the structured organization that rules them. However, he can't help taunting them, and as the story opens he has decided to jump the walls of the vampire “playground” in Madrid to hunt and feed on the deer there. More

Review - The Velvet Interrogation

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 23, 2013

The Velvet Interrogation

Chet is an American diplomat based in Beirut in the early 1990s when he is tasked to retrieve a busload of people from a Palestinian refugee camp in the south. The Embassy has received word that Israel plans to bomb the camp, but they will allow the Americans to take out relatives of Embassy employees, as long as they aren't young men, who are always perceived as potential terrorists. Unfortunately, many of the people on the approved list can't be found, or are unwilling to trust the Americans. Knowing that this is the last chance to get people out of harms way, he tries to convince other people to go, even though they're aren't on the list. More

Review - A Man, A Jersey and a Tight End

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 19, 2013

A Man, A Jersey and a Tight End

Nearly two years have passed since Brian, ‘Goldilocks’, moved in with his three bears to set up an unusual, somewhat polyamorous, relationship with them. In this sequel to Goldilocks and His Three Bears, the strains of ‘Daddy’ Paul's heavy travel schedule is showing on Brian, who is almost out of control, despite Momma Bear Jim's best disciplinarian efforts. It doesn't help that Jim's own sub, baby bear Scott, is also out on the road. It isn't long before Paul and Scott return home, but things don't get back to normal right away. Both Brian and Scott have issues they're trying to hide from their Doms.

In something of a second story within the book, Scott brings home a stray cowboy from one of his road trips. The boy Joshua is shy and inexperienced. He needs the guidance of an older man, but who? Paul and Jim obviously have their hands full. More

Review - Safeword

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 11, 2013


Volume 2 of Power Exchange

In this sequel to Power Exchange, it's been nearly two years since Detective Gavin DeGrassi and his Dom Ben were attacked and almost killed by a serial killer. Gavin is back at work as a police detective, but he's far from over the post-traumatic stress of the attack. He can't stand being touched, even by his lover Ben, let alone tied up and dominated, and everywhere he looks there are reminders of the event. While Ben shows fewer outward signs of the ordeal, he still struggles with guilt over his inability to protect his sub Gavin, as well as how to give his lover the domination he craves while respecting the new limits his condition places on their relationship, all of which places an enormous strain on the lovers. More

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