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Review - Imperfect Harmony by Jay Northcote

Posted in Book Reviews on May 24, 2016

Imperfect Harmony

John and Rhys have both lost their partners, and in their own different ways, they've been hiding out from the rest of the world. When they meet, John is instantly attracted to the much younger Rhys, and is surprised when the feelings seem to be returned. But John has been out of the dating game for a long time, and he's afraid of being hurt again. Can he really have a relationship with the twenty-something Rhys? More

Review - Beautiful Boy by Grace R. Duncan

Posted in Book Reviews on May 18, 2016

Beautiful Boy

Kyle is a young man who seems to have everything going for him. He comes from a well off family, who have provided a good education, a loft in town for him to live in, and his own car. But his family didn't give him much love or attention, and if they knew he was gay, he would lose everything. It's perhaps not too surprising that Kyle doesn't have a very high opinion of his value, and you might wonder if this is what draws him so strongly to being a submissive when a friend introduces him to the BDSM world. However, even now, Kyle hasn't found a Dom who wants to do more than a scene with him, until Master Mal buys him at auction. More

Review - Stealing His Dangling Jewels by James Cox

Posted in Book Reviews on May 11, 2016

Stealing His Dangling Jewels

This review originally appeared on the BDSM Book Reviews site.

Phoenix is in dire need of money. A lot of money. It's not for himself, he wants to get his mother into rehab, although it probably won't do her any good. Phoenix reads about Lucas, a very rich man, thanks to a lottery winning, with his own private island and a genital piercing sporting sapphires and diamonds that has to be worth several thousand dollars. Phoenix conceives a plan to meet and seduce Lucas, steal the jewelry, and get off the island with it. What could possibly go wrong? More

Review - Astounding! by Kim Fielding

Posted in Book Reviews on May 03, 2016


Carter Evans is the founder and editor of the science fiction magazine Astounding! but the publication, like most print media these days, is on its last legs. Carter can't afford to keep it going for much longer. Adding to his headaches are the submissions of one J. Harper, a very persistent, and very bad, author who keeps sending in new versions of his work despite numerous rejections. Carter's drunken attempt to rebuff the writer backfires and he ends up meeting J. for John Harper in person. John turns out to be a charming if somewhat awkward man with a few eccentricities, chief of which is the belief that he is an alien stranded on Earth. More

Review - Brit Boys: With Toys Anthology

Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 26, 2016

Brit Boys: With Toys

This review was written for and originally appeared on BDSM Book Reviews.

This anthology of eight stories by British authors explores the role of toys in relationships between men. In some of the tales the notion of what is a ‘toy’ is stretched a bit, but almost all feature some object, to some degree, which plays a part in the plot.

The level of kink varies from essentially none to being a central part of the relationships depicted. Since these are short stories, don't count on well developed characters or intricate plots. Most of these get right down to business with little or no introduction. More

Review - Knit Tight by Annabeth Albert

Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 19, 2016

Knit Tight (Portland Heat series)

Brady seems to be one of the rare Portland baristas who doesn't aspire to be something else. He is good at his job, and in any case, raising his three younger siblings after his mother dies doesn't leave him any time to consider something else. Once a week the coffee shop hosts the ladies from the knitting shop down the street. “Knit Night” isn't exactly Brady's favorite night to work, but it keeps the shop busy. However, when the nephew of the knit shop's owner stops by one night, he instantly captures Brady's attention. Evren seems to push all of Brady's buttons. The two men have a lot in common, as well as some fundamental differences, and they're both dealing with family issues that consume most of their time, so it seems that despite a strong mutual attraction, nothing can happen, right? More

Review - More Than Human by Mel Keegan

Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 12, 2016

More Than Human

By the end of the 23rd century, humanity has established its first colony outside the solar system, on a planet called Eidolon. The achievement required not only advancements in spacecraft engineering, but also cybernetics, since augmentation was required to make humans capable of deep space flight and living on an alien world larger than Earth. As you can imagine, it takes no time at all for cybernetic implants to become mainstream, with everyone from athletes to high class escorts getting augmented to improve their game. And, just as inevitably, there's a backlash. A political movement calling itself the Pure Light comes to power promising restore humanity to its ‘proper’ state. Augmentation is outlawed, and those deemed more than 50% machine are made the property of the government. Chips are implanted in their brains to make them virtual slaves and they're either used for experimentation, hard labor in the mines of the gas giants, or soldiers used to enforce the Pure Light's power. More

Review - The Lusty Adventures of Theseus by Arthur Griffin

Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 06, 2016

The Lusty Adventures of Theseus

Have you ever considered how much the versions of Greek Myths that we know today must have been sanitized, modified or otherwise changed over the years? The bulk of the legends evolved over 3,000 years ago, and certainly changed much over the course of the centuries. The stories as we know them today are still full of bad behavior: rape, incest, and many other sorts of human fallibility. How much bawdier might the “original” stories have been in their own time?

“The Lusty Adventures of Theseus” re-imagines the Theseus legend as a sexual adventure that truly lives up to its title. For those who need a refresher, Theseus was the illegitimate sone of Aegeus, the king of Athens, the result of a one-night-stand between the king and his mother. Theseus is raised by his mother in the provinces, unaware of his royal lineage until he comes of age. He sets of to Athens to claim his birthright, but finds that the great king is not the kind of leader those from the provinces thought he was. More

Review - Hunter & Hunted by Zoe Perdita

Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 30, 2016

Hunter & Hunted (Darkvale #1)

Spence has been living on the streets for six months. He's not exactly homeless, Spence walked away from his privileged life with rich parents who haven't even realized he is gone. He is surviving, barely, when he has an encounter with a sexual predator who like to prey on homeless gay boys who have no legal recourse.

Although Spence probably doesn't really need rescuing, Hunter intercedes with the predator, who he has been trying to corner. The two form what seems at first like an unlikely friendship, which turns into love. Although just a few years older than Spence, Hunter has been on the streets a lot longer. In a city where the poor and homeless are constantly victimized, the pair become vigilantes, aided in part by Spence's secret powers. More

Review - A Bear Walks Into a Bar by Eden Winters

Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 22, 2016

A Bear Walks Into a Bar

Dillon, Kevin, Jerry and Brad are all on their own before they become friends and settle in a small mountain town to open a bar. They're all shifters; Dillon is a bear, Kevin and his cousin Jerry are wolves, and Brad is a fox; but it isn't easy for them since they lost or were forced out of their family groups before they learned how to use and control their powers. With winter coming on, Dillon will need a place to hibernate, but who will keep him safe while he sleeps? And, why are the local elk pooping on the guys' porch? More

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