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Review - Us by Shaw Montgomery

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 07, 2018


Volume 1 of The Weight of a Word

Scott and Ryan have been friends since their days on their high school football team, and roommates since college. They're both out but they have desires they haven't shared with each other. That, and people's preconceived ideas about what muscled jocks should be like in bed have kept both men from finding serious partners. Then they meet Dare, a “twink” who nonetheless seems to know exactly what both men need, and is ready to give it to them, if he can just get them to talk to each other. More

Review - My Ex-Life: A Novel by Stephen McCauley

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 30, 2018

My Ex-Life: A Novel

David is having something of a mid-life crisis. Still smarting from the recent end of a relationship with his boyfriend, he then finds out that he's about to lose the sweet rental deal in San Francisco that he's enjoyed for many years. When the daughter of his ex-wife asks for David's help getting into college, which is how he makes his living, it seems a trip to New England, and down memory lane, is just the thing to give him perspective. More

Review - Ledgers and Rent Boys by Meraki P. Lyhne

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 23, 2018

Ledgers and Rent Boys

Volume 2 of Ore 5

Ethan and Ryder start trying to figure out how to make a relationship work, given Ryder's public persona as ‘Black Ryder’ and Ethan's desire to stay out of the spotlight. But they can't spend all their time alone in a romantic bubble. Ryder's business is under threat from some unknown players, but he doesn't know the hows or whys. Perhaps a rent boy the two meet in another club can provide some clues. More

Review - Siege Weapons by Harry F. Rey

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 16, 2018

Siege Weapons

Volume 1 of The Galactic Captains

Ales is the lone survivor of a planet that was destroyed by another empire because they wouldn't submit to being enslaved by it. He now makes his living on the outer verge of the galaxy, shipping questionable cargo to unsavory places. It's a solitary and risky life, full of long stretches of loneliness punctuated by brief hookups whenever he manages to find another human male who shares his tastes. When his boss gives Ales a job delivering “medical supplies” to the besieged planet Jansen, he knows it isn't going to be a milk run, but he has no idea how dangerous it will really get. More

Review - Safe Limits by Morticia Knight

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 09, 2018

Safe Limits

Volume 2 of Kiss of Leather

While Gavin and Kyle from the previous book, Building Bonds are settling nicely into their D/s relationship, one of Gavin's partners in the Kiss of Leather venture, Derek, remains steadfastly single. He's been burned by one too many fickle subs. Then Gavin and Derek's other partner Josh asks a big favor: his sub's childhood friend Corey has just escaped from an abusive relationship and needs a place to stay until Josh gets back to town. Corey suffered at the hands of a bad master who pushed him beyond his limits and ultimately ignored his safeword. Derek is instantly smitted with the younger man, but will Corey ever be ready for another D/s relationship, or will he leave the BDSM lifestyle behind? More

Review - Diego by Angel Marinez

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 02, 2018


Volume 2 of Endangered Fae

Building a solid relationship between a human and a Irish fairy was never going to be easy. When Diego misinterprets a situation he finds Finn in, his anger opens a hole in the veil which has kept the human and fae worlds separate for hundreds of years. Diego is plunged into a world he has no knowledge, or at least no recollection, of, and Finn finds himself still an outcast among his own people. First, the two have to find each other, then they have to work out their differences, and finally they have to figure out how to get back to the human world, although they're unaware of what waits for them there. More

Review - The Lovely Pines by Don Travis

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 25, 2018

The Lovely Pines

Volume 4 of BJ Vinson

Albuquerque-based private detective BJ Vinson is back with another case. The job starts out with the simple question of who is breaking into a local winery, The Lovely Pines, and not taking anything of value. But things get serious when one of the winery employees is killed. Is it connected to the break-ins, or is it something to do with the man's past, or his connection to the family that owns the business? More

Review - Heat Trap by J.L. Merrow

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 18, 2018

Heat Trap

Volume 3 of The Plumber's Mate

Psychic plummer Tom is still struggling with the revelation he received at the end of the previous book, Relief Valve, that the man who raised him was not really his father. It makes him doubt what he thought he knew about both of his parents. Meanwhile, Tom's maybe-boyfriend Phil is asked to look into a stalker bothering one of the barmaids at Tom's favorite pub. More

Review - A Prince's Hostage by Xander Tracy

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 11, 2018

A Prince's Hostage

Elliyan is a thief. A very good thief. He has a bit of advantage in that he can see and penetrate the magical spells that the aristocrats use to protect their precious baubles. He's supposed to be lying low in the provinces when he spots Prince Rayne in the market place, wearing an irresistible gold medallion with a giant blue stone. Elliyan is bored and ready to take risks he should know better than to take. But Rayne is not the fool Elliyan takes him for and catches Elliyan before he can get away. The thief seems to be just what Rayne needs to help him avert a war with their neighbors, but can he convince Elliyan to help him? More

Review - Junk Mage by Elliot Cooper

Posted in Book Reviews on Sep 04, 2018

Junk Mage

Techno-mage Quillian has a big problem. Well, actually, he has a lot of problems, but the one occupying him at the moment is his ship, appropriately named the Lemon. He's crashed on a strange planet and is badly in need of materials to repair his craft. He finally finds a junkyard that seems to offer everything he needs, only it's guarded by a cyborg, Hunter, who doesn't seem willing to part with any of his mistress' property. More

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