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Review - Best in Show by Kelly Jensen

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 30, 2016

Best in Show

Macavity – ‘Mac’ to everyone but his mother – comes from a long line of witches, who can also shift into cats. Unfortunately, Mac's puckish sense of humor gets him in trouble with his family, who fear some of his jokes risk exposing their secrets. His latest escapade has landed him in his “cat skin” full time, and then another little indiscretion puts him in the animal shelter, up for adoption. While he does want to lie low for a while, the shelter isn't the best place for Mac to hide out. Someone might discover he hasn't been fixed. More...

Review - A Bear Walks Into a Bar by Eden Winters

Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 22, 2016

A Bear Walks Into a Bar

Dillon, Kevin, Jerry and Brad are all on their own before they become friends and settle in a small mountain town to open a bar. They're all shifters; Dillon is a bear, Kevin and his cousin Jerry are wolves, and Brad is a fox; but it isn't easy for them since they lost or were forced out of their family groups before they learned how to use and control their powers. With winter coming on, Dillon will need a place to hibernate, but who will keep him safe while he sleeps? And, why are the local elk pooping on the guys' porch? More...

Review - Naked Mailman by Dawn Flemington

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 10, 2015

Naked Mailman

This review originally appeared at BDSM Book Reviews.

Ken is rather bored with his life as a mailman but he isn't quite prepared for the turns his life takes when he is assaulted and left bound naked in his mail truck one day on his delivery rounds. Not only does he have to deal with the public notoriety of being the “naked mailman”, he also finds himself unable to rid himself of the image of his assailant, and the submissive feelings the man has awakened in him. More...

Review - Naked Tails

Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 19, 2013

Naked Tails

In a small Georgia town, young Seth's life is falling apart. He has just lost both his parents in a traffic accident, and now his maternal grandmother is taking him away from the only home he's ever known, because she fears and despises the 'deviant' behavior of her late son-in-law's family. Seth can't bear to be parted from his kindly great aunt, or his best friend Dusty, a slightly older boy who is the closest thing Seth has to a brother.

Fast forward 20 years. Seth's great aunt Irene dies, leaving most of her estate to her only living relative, Seth. The young man has never returned to the small town, even after his grandmother had died. She has led him to believe that his old friends and family didn't care about him. Thinking he is just going down to wrap up his great aunt's estate, Seth is landed in the middle of a power struggle for leadership of the community his relative once headed. Unbeknownst to the clueless young man, that community was a group of shifters who take the form of possums, and as the only living relative of his great aunt, many people look to Seth to step into the leadership of the passel. More...

Review - Cereus: Opening

Posted in Book Reviews on Feb 14, 2013

Cereus: Opening

This review originally appeared on the BDSM Book Reviews site.

If, like me, you haven't read the first collection of stories in this series, it seems to boil down to this: A dragon, a vampire and a werewolf walk into a bar... or whatever, and decide to open a resort for all the things that go bump in the night; sort of a Club Med for the fanged and furry. The first book contained stories covering the building of Cereus, and now this collection recounts three tales from the opening. Each of the short stories focuses on a different set of characters, although there are also common players that appear in all the tales.

In the first story, “Pack Rules” by BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot, werewolf security chief “Van” Donovan has to come to terms with his former lover Mik, a vampire. The two fell out some years ago over Van's need to serve his pack, but the two have never really gotten over each other, and now they're forced to work together. Van is determined not to let his 'mate' get away from him again, just as Mik is trying to avoid getting hurt by what he saw as a betrayal. He tries to keep away from Van, but the wolf enjoys a chase, just as he enjoys domination. And while vampires may be known as tops, in truth Mik likes being dominated, and even needs a little discipline from time to time. More...

Review - Magpie

Posted in Book Reviews on Jan 09, 2013


Everet (a raven) is the security chief for the nest of avians introduced in Duck. As this sequel opens, he has been called to collect Kane, a magpie, from the human nightclub where he's fallen fowl (if you'll pardon the expression) of the management. Magpies are know for their inability to resist the allure of shiny objects, and it seems that despite his talent for seducing and pleasuring men, Kane has stolen too much, too often, from the wrong people.

The raven arrives at the human club to find the magpie being beaten badly by the thugs who work for the owner. After a brief standoff, Everet manages to get Kane turned over and takes him back to the nest, where he's to be judged by the elders for bringing avians into disrepute. More...

Review - The Mark of an Alpha

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 27, 2012

The Mark of an Alpha

Bennett enjoys pleasing his master, Marsdon, although he doesn't know that's his name. He doesn't even know what the man looks like. They've been playing together, exclusively, in the BDSM club for months, and the one thing Bennett won't do is reveal his full face. He has always been blindfolded or hooded before meeting Marsdon. He also wears cologne to mask his wolf scent.

“The Mark of an Alpha” opens on their last night together in the club. They both know it's the last time they will be able to play like this. Both men are wolf shifters, and they have responsibilities to their packs. They can't continue to play these 'human' games, despite the powerful feelings they have for each other.

A few days later Bennett is awaiting the arrival of his new mate. Despite his submissive role in the BDSM club, Bennett is an alpha wolf, and it has been arranged for him to mate with the alpha of another pack, to form a new pack of their own. His mind is heavy with the responsibility he will carry as leader, but he also can't get thoughts of Marsdon out of his head. More...

Review - Three Men and a Bounty

Posted in Book Reviews on Jan 12, 2012

Well, partner, what ya got here is a tale of the old west, about three men who find they have a right powerful hankering for each other. As if a menage wasn’t complicated enough, one of the men is a US Marshall, and a former slave. In the post civil war period, More...

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