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Review - How Are You Going To Get Out Of That One, Alan Ambrose?

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 15, 2012

How Are You Going To Get Out Of That One, Alan Ambrose?

Alan Ambrose is a very lucky young man. The twenty year-old is enjoying a night out in London with his friend Tabitha when he is picked up by a handsome older man, Archie. Archie takes Alan home to his London townhouse, where it soon becomes clear that the man is very well off. In the morning, Archie invites Alan to stay and even buys him an expensive watch to entice the young man to stick around. Alan settles almost naturally into the life of a kept boy without looking back.

Over the coming months Archie introduces Alan to his circle of friends, which includes the elderly Lord Percy. Percy clearly fancies the young Alan, and he's even more wealthy than Archie, with a mansion in Hollywood as well as an estate in England. Recognizing a bigger better deal when he sees it, Alan decides to dump Archie and become Percy's toy boy. More...

Review - Raw Food

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 03, 2012

Raw Food

Reviewer's note: In the interest of full disclosure, I feel I should note that I've come to know the author of this book, in that ephemeral not completely trustworthy way one gets to know people on-line. Reviews are supposed to be about the book, not the author, but what I know from the author has certainly colored my interpretation of the book.

Joe is a 22 year-old young man just starting out in working life after college. Escaping from a work party one night, he's pondering the menu at a trendy, and expensive, raw food restaurant when he's spotted by Francis, an older man who takes an instant liking to Joe. The two end up back at Francis' place, where Joe is treated to some rather kinky sex that both delights and confuses him.

The next day Joe is distracted at work, and his boss Marty notices. Marty has had his own designs on Joe, although the young man has never been sure of that. Joe is thrilled by the praise and attention lavished on him by Francis, but also disturbed by how fast things are moving and how little he knows about the other man. Despite his misgivings, Joe rushes to meet Francis that night. He learns more about the older man's past and is drawn ever more closer to him, although he still has his doubts. More...

Review - Papa Knows Best

Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 22, 2012

Papa Knows Best

This review originally appeared at BDSM Book Reviews.

Photography teacher Dominick Pappas, called 'Papa' by his old friend Ben, is snapping pictures in a cafe one day when he spies the distinguished Professor Bradley Louis, a much older man that Papa is instantly infatuated with. Professor Louis has a reputation for being gruff, but despite Ben's warnings Papa tries to connect with the older man. He's rebuffed, but determined, and eventually, after several encounters, Bradley agrees to a date.

Bradley was in a life-long relationship that only ended a few years before when his partner died in a crash. He is doubtful that he will ever find love again, especially with a man twenty years younger, and then there's another problem. They go out on several dates before Brad finally confesses that he needs not just a lover, but a master. More...

Review - More Fun With Dick and Shane

Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 25, 2012

More Fun With Dick and Shane

Volume 2 of Memoirs of a Houseboy

The houseboy is back, and he's still in good form. Like the first book, there's no real plot to this 'memoir'. It's mostly in the form of a diary with a few longer stories interspersed in.

'Gilli' is a 25 year-old houseboy and submissive 'boy' lover to two older 'daddy' doms, Dick and Shane. It isn't always easy for the impulsive and headstrong young man to live up to the expectations his daddies place on him. Gilli has a hard time controlling his emotions, and sometimes jealously or resentment gets the best of him. However, in this sequel, it seems to me that Dick and Shane have mellowed a bit and are somewhat more understanding of Gilli's feelings of insecurity, although they still don't stand for any bad behavior and are quick with the spankings when he gets out of line.

What I loved about the first book was the light-hearted style in which much of the story is delivered. In this second volume, there are again many laugh-out-loud and face-palming moments as Gilli gets into all sorts of new situations that get him into trouble.


Review - All the Gear, No Idea

Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 16, 2012

All the Gear, No Idea

Theo is a young man looking for a little fantasy fulfillment on Valentines Day. He's had dreams about the BDSM scene, but this is the first time he's entered the club to act on them. He has all the gear, and no idea More...

Review - By His Rules

Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 15, 2012

Aiden is a 23 year-old aspiring actor. He wants to continue his studies, but for now he's taking some time to explore his submissive side. He's played with a lot of tops and doms, but most of them were just into the role, the experiences didn't seem More...

Review - Time To Make the Donuts

Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 02, 2012

Time To Make the Donuts

Chris is a relatively happy man. He owns the most popular donut shop in Chicago's boy's town, which he inherited from his uncle. He's out and proud, and has a group of employees that are loyal friends. The only thing missing in his life is a More...

Review - In the Red

Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 01, 2012

Brian Foster is a broken man, scared and alone. He was one of the FBI's top forensic accountants, able to see patterns in money movement that nobody else could and taking down some of the most dangerous terrorists in the process. But a year ago he was abducted, brutalized to find More...

Review - Pain and Revenge

Posted in Book Reviews on Feb 14, 2012

Pain and Revenge

It's generally not a good sign when you notice two factual errors within the first two pages of a book. Most readers might not have noticed them, but I did and it put me on guard for the rest of the story. Fortunately, I didn't notice anything else, but More...

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