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The Boys Club anthology

The Boys Club anthology

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This collection of - let's be honest - one-handed reads features twelve stories by eleven authors. Here's a short summary and quickie review of each:

The Fanboys by Stella Harris: Shane and Danny are two star-struck fans of actor Eric Ashcroft. They contrive to meet their idol, who is filming nearby, and get much more than they bargained for when the star invites the young men back to his trailer. A rather sweet little crush fantasy.

Room For Two by J.S. Morbius: A little glory hole action turns into a hot threesome. The action is pretty good, but a few stunning errors made me think the author was both clueless and lazy, and took me out of the story a few times.

Getting Fit by Abby Hayes: Three couples share hot and steamy action after hours at a health club owned by one of the guys. There is some pretty good action here as the couples each do their thing, sometimes with an audience. There's even a little kink. However, the dialog is so awful it reminds me of why I usually watch porn with the sound off.

Irish Sea by Rachel Carling: American Ian is driving near the Irish coast when his car breaks down. Trudging through the pouring rain, he is befriended by a curious local lad who isn't quite what he seems. A very cute fairly tail (if you'll pardon the expression). A little more explanation would have been nice.

Daemonic Desires by Eve: Fallen angel, or Incubus, Shawn's latest plaything is Danny, who thinks their meetings are just wet dreams. Danny's real crush is on coworker Alec, although he's not sure if the man is interested. This story sets up an interesting triangle with some really hot scenes, and then just leaves it there. Grr....

Race Day - A Boy's Club Initiation by Cassandre Dayne: Ben, Mike and Drake are good friends - really good friends. While all three are ostensibly straight, they 'help each other out' from time to time. Now Drake wants to bring his old friend Steven into the 'club'. Will Steven make it through the initiation? This is a really hot story. Once all pretense of being straight is dropped, the four men get into some heavy action. The scene gets a little muddled at times, but not enough to really take you out of the story.

A Night at San Gregorio Beach by Pablo Michaels: Barry decides to camp out on a local nude beach. It's his first time there, although he seems to know it rather well. He passes up several offers of action from other guys, and as the sun begins to set he's left all alone. Interesting story, sweet in a way, but the tone of the writing had me scratching my head a little. It's written in a rather high-brow style that was at odds with the content. I don't think the author was trying to be funny, but I had a hard time not laughing in places.

Opposites Attract by J.S. Morbius: Biker boy Kev and bronzed beach god Marcus definitely are opposites, but when the two meet by chance in the park, the sparks fly. On the whole, this is a very good story, one of the longer pieces in the collection, but I had a couple of issues with it: First, there's the speed at which this relationship evolves. Now, in a short story, you expect things to move quickly, but here things move faster than the speed of lust. In little more than 24 hours these two decide they're in a relationship, and we're not talking a mutual agreement that “hey, we like each other, let's see where this goes.” No, here we have Kev announcing to his biker club - to whom he wasn't even out - that he and Marcus are a couple. That's just a little too far, too fast for me. The other issue is language. The story doesn't get very specific about where it's set, but I'm guessing it's somewhere in Australia. The narrative is full of what I assume to be Aussie slang and speech patterns. A little 'color' in the dialog usually doesn't hurt, but this was a bit much, especially as most of it occurred in the narrative, and made me stop in several places to figure out if it was a typo or what. If the author wants to reach a wider audience, I think they need to tone down the local slang a bit. It is an advanced copy I'm reading, so perhaps this will change in the final release.

Heat Of The Desert by Jill Boyd: Brits Jim and Michael are driving through the desert on their way to California, only Michael isn't too good at reading a map and gets them lost. What are two hot young lovers stuck in the desert to do? Nice and sexy little slice-of-life story. It could be part of an interesting larger tale, but it works well on its own.

The Night I Learned Chemistry by Garland: Freshman Toby is called on the carpet by his chemistry professor. Toby is a party boy, a slutty party boy in fact, who is only taking the class because Professor Quinonez is hot - a DILF in Toby's own words. I suspect most college boys have this fantasy at one point or another. A very hot story.

Panties in a Bunch by BLMorticia: Stuck-up supermodel Brendan thinks he's on a solo shoot when Joey and Aldo walk in. Joey is Brendan's biggest rival, and the one man who turned him down, claiming he was straight. Now Joey is with Aldo, an up-and-coming Latino model. The story starts out a bit unevenly, but gets better once the action gets going. Things get a bit muddled once the photo shoot starts, but it's still some pretty good action.

The Bigger The Bill, The Bigger The Thrill by Logan Zachary: The unnamed narrator is a college student who decides to take a break by visiting the Nob Hill Theater, where other men put on a show. He takes a seat just before the next act begins and is surprised to see that the performer is his frat house room-mate Tommy. Leaving aside the silly premise, this is a good little story. The writing is a bit terse, leaving out details like the narrator's name and not giving us a very vivid description of what's going on, although it's certainly enough where it counts.

As with almost any anthology by multiple authors, the writing of these stories is a bit uneven. Some are going to grab you more than others. I daresay any of them will do the trick if you're looking for a little 'inspiration'.

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