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Sorting Out

Sorting Out
by Silvia Violet

Volume 2 of Fitting In

Tagged: Erotica , Menage

Mason, Gray and Jack are making a three-way relationship work, but things can't stay the same forever. Gray wants to go after a promotion to detective, which means he wouldn't be Jack's partner anymore. It would also mean they could be open about their relationship with each other, as well as Mason, but Jack isn't sure he's ready to be out at work. He's not too sure he even wants to continue being a police officer.

This sequel to “Fitting In” picks up several months after the first book ends, when the three men are settled into their life together. Where the first book was told from Mason's point of view, this volume is told by Jack, who is something of the man in the middle. Gray and Mason are both going places, from Jack's perspective, but he would prefer it if things stayed just the way they are.

“Sorting Out” is a very good sequel. It adds a lot more depth to the three men and their relationship, which despite its unusual nature seems very solid and real. The relationship is sorely tested when Jack is shot and starts to question his career. Jack's response to his situation when he is shot seems very believable, and this together with the reactions of Mason and Gray adds to the realism of all the characters.

This is, like the first book, a highly erotic story. The scenes in this episode are highly varied and hot. Quite often, threesome scenes are difficult to describe. Authors often get their characters into physically impossible positions, but the sex here is quite believable. Together with the strong story line, this is a really enjoyable read that moves along quickly.

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Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 07, 2017

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