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Snakes Among Sweet Flowers

Snakes Among Sweet Flowers
by Jason Huffman-Black

Tagged: Contemporary

Ex-con Cam decides to escape the bad crowd that lead him into trouble, and two prison terms. He doesn't go far from his Atlanta home, settling down in Hog Mountain, a small town in rural Georgia. But he doesn't leave a life of crime completely behind. Cam can't resist scamming the people who stop by his little garage, over-charging them for minor repairs by making them out to be more than they are. He has most people fooled, except for one of the town's policemen, Jackson. He is sure Cam is still up to no good, even though the deeply closeted law man is also quite attracted to the tattooed criminal.

“Snakes Among Sweet Flowers” is nicely constructed romance very much in the opposites-attract vein. The killing-you-with-kindness small town charm depicted in the book is probably more movie myth than reality, but it's under-stated and works well to put Cam off balance enough to wake him up to how things could be.

Cam and Jackson, as well as the colorful characters that surround them, all come across as genuine people. They may fall into common stereotypes but there's almost always some small details that make them feel more realistic, and some of the minor characters even surprise us with revelations about their pasts that explains why they act they way they do towards Cam or Jackson.

The overall arc of the plot is rather predictable. You can probably make a good guess at it from the book's blurb. However, as with the characters, there are little details, twists, and turns that keep the pace up and will have you wondering what happens next.

“Snakes Among Sweet Flowers” is available from Amazon.

Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 16, 2016

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