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Skip Trace

Skip Trace
by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Volume 3 of Chaos Station

Tagged: Science Fiction

The third installment of the Chaos Station series kicks off with the resurrected Zed's return to his family home, along with the rest of the crew of the Chaos. Not everyone is happy to see Zed back among the living, especially the military, who hoped his death, along with the others they experimented on to create super soldiers, would bury their embarrassing secret program. His lover Felix isn't too happy to see Zed back in the bossom of his rich and powerful family, reminding him that he doesn't belong.

“Skip Trace” is an interesting middle book in this five volume set. In some ways, it reads almost like the last book in the series, as several plot lines seem to get some kind of resolution before the end. But by then, new threads emerge which seem poised to take the characters in new directions.

This is probably the weakest installment of the story so far, although it’s not all that bad. It gets bogged down early on in some very angst-ridden chapters, but does improve quite a lot towards the end. The main issue is the character of Felix. He becomes such a pill you really do wonder why his friends don't shove him out an airlock. The story up to now has given all the good reasons for Felix to be the way he is, yet his negativity becomes so predictable it gives a few chapters a rather plodding feel.

However, the book does recover well enough and the latter half of the book almost becomes a page turner. A few new characters are introduced, although some of them have been mentioned in previous books. The slight sag at the beginning of this book isn't enough to discourage me from reading the last two volumes.

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Posted in Book Reviews on Aug 23, 2016

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