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by SJD Peterson

Volume 1 of The Underground Club

Tagged: D/s , BDSM

Tall and muscular Donavan isn't your typical submissive, and for that matter the older and shorter Seth doesn't exactly fit the stereotype of a Dom, but the two men sense a connection almost from the beginning, and despite different backgrounds and conflicting work schedules they try to figure out where that connection will take them.

“Override” obviously isn't your typical Dominant/submissive story. It's hard to describe how different it is without spoiling some of the surprises, so read on at your own risk.

In many D/s stories these days, the sub is the perfect boy who wants nothing more than to please his Dom, and often has no life other than taking care his master. It's often painted as a very attractive picture, but in reality it's almost always a fantasy, especially if you examine it closely. The realities of modern life would make it financially if not socially difficult, unless one or both of the partners is rich.

Donavan may enjoy submitting to Seth, but he doesn't need someone to make every little decision for him. He is his own man. Likewise, Seth is too busy to micro-manage a submissive 24/7. The net result is that their relationship as depicted in “Override” seems much more realistic than what you often read in these stories. What's also missing from this book is any artificial drama. What keeps Seth and Donavan apart are the normal hassles of living and working in the modern world, as well as the natural concerns most people would have about committing to a relationship with someone they've only known for a short time.

“Override” is a good read; a D/s story with a difference. The differences make it a bit more realistic than most romances of this type. The book is available from Amazon.

Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 15, 2016

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