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Lost in the Outcome

Lost in the Outcome
by Rowan McAllister

Tagged: Contemporary

Tech wizard Nate wakes up in a strange hotel room, next to a cute stranger who turns out to be named Tim. With no recollection of how he got there, or what the two got up to in bed, Nate is a bit confused to say the least. He and Tim part company assuming they will never see each other. For Tim, who remembers every detail of their night together vividly, the realization that Nate remembers none of it, and doesn't want to see him again, is crushing.

It's fairly obvious what happened to Nate after the first chapter. Fortunately, the story doesn't play any games and this quickly becomes a bit of a mystery as Nate tries to put the pieces together. Of course, Tim is central to figuring out what happened and as the two work together they begin to wonder if they might more than just a one night stand.

While there is a bit of intrigue to “Lost in the Outcome”, mystery lovers will no doubt be disappointed in the whodunit aspects of the book. It works better as a romance, and as such is quite a good one. The characters are three dimensional, with personalities and histories of their own, although you may find a few nits to pick with some of the backstories. While the “love at first sight” meme is very strong in the plot, it's acknowledged by the characters, and there's no lack of drama as the two men get pulled in various directions by their responsibilities. It's' not at all clear how they can be together for much of the story.

This is one of those odd books that has a lot of interesting and well-crafted pieces, but they don't quite come together as a satisfying whole. There's nothing specifically ‘wrong’ you can put your finger on, but at the end you feel like something is missing.

“Lost in the Outcome” is available from Amazon.

Posted in Book Reviews on Oct 01, 2014

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