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by J. Scott Coatsworth

Volume 2 of The Oberon Cycle

Tagged: Science Fiction

Xander and Jameson may have thought the hard part was over once they managed to re-unite Oberon and Titania, two halves of a planet split between two universes by unknown forces many millenia ago. But rejoining the two worlds unleashes cataclysmic storms and avalanches, from which our heroes and their friends barely survive. Then there's the problem of the un-winged humans, the “landsers.” They now have free access to the winged Skythane of Titania and seemed determined to wipe them out. The two new kings have a lot of work to do.

“Lander” is the second book of what is now the Oberon Cycle. I was a little piqued that the ending of the first book, Skythane, was a little awkward, like the decision to make it into a series was an after-thought. But this story recovers nicely from that little faux-pax, fleshing out the newly introduced characters and introducing the plot threads that will carry the story through the next and last volume of the trilogy.

This is a rather different kind of story than the first book. While I described “Skythane” as essentially one long chase scene, “Lander” has a more layered kind of plot, as the main characters split up to pursue various objectives. We get to know the characters in greater depth, and they're all painted as multi-dimensional characters, with good points and bad. In fact, there's a lot more tension between the protagonists in this book, which adds to the drama and the depth of the characters.

The ending of this volume is a lot more satisfactory. It wraps up the story arc of of this book nicely, while setting up all the pieces that will surely play a big role in the next and final book of the series. The compelling characters as well as the solid groundwork laid for it means you'll probably be anxiously awaiting the third and final installment.

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Posted in Book Reviews on May 01, 2018

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