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A King's Rival

A King's Rival
by Xander Tracy

Tagged: Fantasy

Rygar is the chief of a nomadic tribe that lives on the open plains, herding caribou and occasionally raiding their neighbors for what they need. But the plains are being invaded by the Astor, a powerful kingdom that sees the nomads as uncivilized savages. Rygar sends an envoy to negotiate with King Vash of Astor, but the men are ambushed and thrown in the king's dungeon. Rygar's attempt to rescue his people results in his own capture, and a strange offer from King Vash.

“A King's Rival” is a novella length story with a rather linear story line. There's really just one plot twist, which adds a bit more drama towards the end, but is telegraphed almost from the start. Much of the drama is derived from the tension between the two head-strong main characters, the ‘civilized’ King Vash and the ‘noble savage’ Rygar.

The plot may be simple, but it still gives enough scope to develop the two main characters well enough. Both men are interesting, if perhaps not the most likable people, but that's to be expected when you have two reasonably well-defined alpha male types.

With its short length and simple plot, “A King's Rival” is an entertaining read, if not necessarily all that memorable.

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Posted in Book Reviews on May 08, 2018

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