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Inversion Point

Inversion Point
by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Volume 4 of Chaos Station

Tagged: Science Fiction

Zander, Felix and the crew of the Chaos are back for another adventure in the fourth installment of the “Chaos Station” series. At the very end of the previous book, humanity had just found out about the immanent arrival of a new species at the galactic hub, and “Inversion Point” follows the crew as they meet and try to communicate with the new race, with Zander as Emissary of the Guardians.

I must admit I had rather low expectations for this book. The previous volume lacked much punch, and seemed to draw the series to and end, with the revelation of a new species, setting the scene for this book, coming so close to the end of the book that it seemed like an after-thought.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised at the strong showing this book makes. It's a very action-packed story, with several page-turning sequences that might keep you up late finishing them. It ends up being quite a roller-coaster ride. About the biggest downside to this book is the distinct possibility that you will the phrase “fluffy yellow partner-unit” stuck in your head.

While the emphasis may be on action this time out, there's still plenty of character development along the way. Zed and especially Felix become much more well defined rounded characters. Felix is a lot less of a one-note wonder who flies off the handle at the slightest provocation.

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Posted in Book Reviews on Nov 08, 2016

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