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Hitting Black Ice

Hitting Black Ice
by Heloise West

Tagged: Mystery

Please note: An electronic review copy of this book was kindly supplied by the author.

Hunter is still recovering from what could well be described as the worst break-up, ever. He avoids anything that might lead to a serious relationship to keep him from getting hurt again. His work as a physicians assistant in the emergency room helps to keep him busy as well as making him feel useful. Unfortunately, the presence of receptionist Shawn doesn't help. Hunter has been trying to ignore his attraction to the dark and quiet man for months.

Shawn has his own reasons for avoiding getting involved with anyone, despite his own attraction to Hunter. He's on the run from the law and fears getting involved with Hunter may get the man hurt. When dramatic circumstances throw the two together, they are both forced to deal with their pasts and work together to forge a future.

In barest outline, “Hitting Black Ice” sounds like a gay version of many a recent action movie: crooked cop/FBI agent/US Marshal frames innocent witness who is forced to go on the run. What saves this book from being simply derivative schlock are some well developed realistic characters that defy the typical Hollywood cardboard cutouts, as well as a few plot twists that will keep you guessing how things will end up.

Hunter and Shawn are both believable characters, and even their nemesis is more than a one-dimensional cartoon figure bad guy. Even minor characters seem to be described in enough detail for you to imagine them as real people.

The book isn't perfect. There are small holes in the plot and things that work out a little too conveniently. None of them are quite so over-the-top as to ruin a fun read, but you might find yourself pausing at some points wondering how somebody knew something, or perhaps rolling your eyes at some coincidence. It's unlikely any of these issues will be egregious enough to ruin your reading pleasure, but some many notice them more than others.

“Hitting Black Ice” is available from Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 07, 2015

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