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First You Fall (Kevin Conner Mysteries #1)

First You Fall (Kevin Conner Mysteries #1)
by Scott Sherman

Tagged: Mystery , novel

Kevin Conner is a high priced call boy who enjoys his work. The petite blond twink has a steady base of undemanding clients, and a drag queen pimp who carefully screens new customers. Kevin's ‘job’ is ostensibly in aid of furthering his education in psychology, but with his attention deficit disorder it's easy for Kevin to stay in the moment.

Everything changes when Kevin's friend and mentor falls to his death. The police, including Kevin's old flame Tony, think it's a suicide but our young hero doesn't believe it. With the help of friends and clients he sets about trying to find out what really happened, while trying to sort out his parent's marriage and what he feels for Tony.

“First You Fall” is a surprisingly fun little mystery. Early on it becomes obvious that this is as much a light - almost screwball - comedy as a mystery, and if you accept that, just go along for the ride, you're in for an enjoyable few nights' read. The deceptively humorous story makes the twist to the mystery at the end all the more surprising.

Kevin is a rather engaging character, in spite of the superficiality that his age and profession might imply. In turn, he is surrounded by a large cast of equally well-drawn characters. These include some of Kevin's customers, who are portrayed in a quite non-judgmental fashion. If the story has a major weakness, it's in the final big scene, which stretches credulity just a little too far.

Taken for what it is, a light fluffy tale, “First You Fall” is fun read. It would be perfect for you summertime vacation reading.

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Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 19, 2014

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