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by Bey Deckard

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Greg is talented amateur photographer with a dominant streak, although he keeps it carefully under wraps after a rather painful experience in his past. Quite by accident on a trip to London from his home in Canada, he meets Emyr, an up and coming Welsh singer about half Greg's age. He is inexplicably drawn to the young man, yet the age difference and his own demons keep him from letting things go anywhere. The encounter seems to affect both of them. Greg can't get Emyr out of his head, and the singer pursues him until he agrees to be Emyr's official photographer for his upcoming tour.

“Exposed” is a rather offbeat D/s story. This is not an especially kinky story in itself, yet Greg's past as a dominant plays a huge role in the story. A rather common trope in D/s stories is the “damaged” submissive who just needs the right Dom to build up his self-worth. This story somewhat turns that around, making Greg, the Dom, the one who needs help to overcome the guilt he feels for how his last relationship ended.

There's a lot more to this book than the curious D/s plot. The age difference plays a big factor in the developing relationship as well, and then there's the price of fame in our modern world. Like a few of the recent books I've reviewed, “Exposed” eschews a big, often artificial, dramatic moment in exchange for a series of small events more typical of real life struggles to build a relationship. This is a trend one can hope continues.

The characters are quite well drawn and believable. While the situation Greg and Emyr find themselves in may seem a little far-fetched, their actions and reactions ring true. The two have a small group of people around them that are also described well enough to make them seem real.

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Posted in Book Reviews on Jun 13, 2017

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