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by Trevor Barton

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While out walking his dog, professional programmer and amateur tinkerer Jared comes across a discarded robot. It's the latest model of sentient androids from Brobotics, and seems to be suffering from no more than a dud battery. On a whim, Jared takes the junked ‘Byron’ home to try and fix. He has no idea that his little act of kindness is effectively the start of a revolution that will uncover dark conspiracies.

“Brobots” is an interesting take on the theme of artificial life forms and how humanity may deal with them. This speculative work is set just 40 or so years in the future, soon enough for the older characters to remember how things are now.

The writing style of this book won't appeal to some people. The story is related in a rather flat, passive narrative that tells us what happened rather than letting the action unfold. As a further curiosity, while the story is set almost entirely in the US, the text is peppered with large amounts of British vernacular. There are also numerous gramatical and word usage errors throughout the text. It's far from unreadable, but if you're just the tiniest bit of a grammar nazi (or “alt write” if you prefer), then you probably don't want to pick up this book.

The writing style means that the characters aren't quite as fleshed out as you might expect. There are a few key aspects of Jared's psychological make-up that get communicated, but these don't really round him out as a fully three dimensional person. He's more of an outline with a few key bullet points filled in and the rest left blank.

The brobots we meet are just beginning the process of becoming “real” people, so it's no surprise that they're a little one dimensional. It's an interesting thought exercise trying to put yourself in their place. Jared, as the only human main character, should be more of a sharp contrast than he is.

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Posted in Book Reviews on Mar 07, 2017

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