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Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy
by Grace R. Duncan

Tagged: D/s , BDSM

Kyle is a young man who seems to have everything going for him. He comes from a well off family, who have provided a good education, a loft in town for him to live in, and his own car. But his family didn't give him much love or attention, and if they knew he was gay, he would lose everything. It's perhaps not too surprising that Kyle doesn't have a very high opinion of his value, and you might wonder if this is what draws him so strongly to being a submissive when a friend introduces him to the BDSM world. However, even now, Kyle hasn't found a Dom who wants to do more than a scene with him, until Master Mal buys him at auction.

Malcom ‘Mal’ has been out of the scene for a couple of years. He hung up his flogger when his part-time submissive was killed at the hands of another Dom who turned out to be a serial killer. Mal blamed himself for not being a good enough Dom for his submissive. His friends help Mal to see the past in a different light, and convince him to come back to the club where they used to play, and when Mal sees Kyle up for sale in a charity slave auction, he finds a new reason to be a good Dom.

The blurb for this book probably gives you a very good idea of how the plot will unfold, and it gets there in an almost straight line. However, it doesn't rush, and spends quite a bit of time developing both main characters along the way. Alternating points of view can be difficult to follow, but “Beautiful Boy” makes it very clear when we're seeing things from Kyle's perspective and when it's from Mal's. This dual perspective helps to get to know both characters very well.

Through Kyle and Mal we get some interesting insight into both sides of a master/slave relationship. It's rather easy to draw conclusions about what attracts each man to their roles, and perhaps why, but the author leaves these conclusions entirely up to the reader. The characters tell their own stories, without much judgement.

The scenes between Kyle and Mal can be quite intense, and they get into a 24/7 master and slave relationship almost from the start. In a somewhat bold move, even the characters themselves question the speed at which their relationship develops, which makes a refreshing change from the usual romance where the lovers rush into a complex relationship without question. But Mal is the perfect Dom, and Kyle is the perfect sub for him, so there's really no stopping these two in the end.

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Posted in Book Reviews on May 18, 2016

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