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The Adventures of Dragos & Holmes

The Adventures of Dragos & Holmes
by Lorena Cassady

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Kindly note: The author generously provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The world's greatest detective harbors a dark secret: Ever since his school days at Eton the seemingly cold-hearted detective has harbored an irresistible attraction to Dragos, a young Roma man as impulsive and tempestuous as Holmes is calculating and reserved. The dark and dangerous Dragos has a tendency to make Holmes forget all logic, when the two are together. Their liaisons are generally fleeting, since sooner or later Holmes will do something to drive Dragos away.

This collection of novelettes recounts a series of semi-connected stories involving Dragos and Holmes. One of the segments recounts the two men's first meeting at Eton, while the rest make up a series of connected cases involving Holmes, Dragos and sometimes Dr Watson.

In the vast universe of Sherlock Holmes fan fiction, the idea that the detective preferred the company of men is not exactly a new idea. Conan Doyle practically puts the idea in our heads from the very start with the whole “Baker Street Irregulars” concept. So, “The Adventures of Dragos & Holmes” is on well-trodden territory, although it certainly brings it's own point of view to the genre.

We all probably have our own individual concepts of the quintessential Sherlock Holmes, and I have to say that this detective doesn't readily fit into any of mine. The notion that the detective could be unnerved by a passionate affair is a strong one, though not a new idea, but the Holmes depicted in these stories is a bit of a spineless wimp even when he tries to put Dragos out of his mind. However, if you set aside your notions of what a ‘real’ Sherlock Holmes should be, the cast of characters — and there are quite a few of them — that make up these tales are rather entertaining, and certainly multi-dimensional.

Most people probably think of the classic Holmes stories as mysteries, and here again this collection is something of a departure. There is generally no question as to who is responsible for the crimes and other dastardly doings that set Holmes and Dragos off on their adventures. The puzzle, if any, generally involves how to bring the perpetrator to justice or escape the traps they set up.

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Posted in Book Reviews on Jan 29, 2018

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